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SparkDepo (Electro-Spark Deposition)

This procedure is common in Japan and in the USA. The owner of the company was trained for usage of the device in Japan, at the manufacturer. In Hungary we are the only ones applying this method in repairs. The SparkDepo process is a revolutionary method of renewing worn surfaces by deposition of wear resistant materials with electric sparks. SparkDepo coatings of tungsten carbide and chromium carbide can prolong the lives of machine parts, dies, molds, and tools that are subjected to wear, heat and corrosion. Thick alloy deposit is also possible for repair and maintenance. Frequent repair and maintenance can be reduced or even eliminated by using SparkDepo, thus increasing productivity or reducing the production cost. SparkDepo is easy to operate, portable, and economical. It can be used on-site and in confined areas. The coating is produced under very low heat input but has a very high bond strength. Direct current from the power supply will heat the electrode to 8,000 to 25,000 degrees C only at the contact areas and transfers a small quantity of the electrode to the work piece under an ionized state and produces a strong metallurgical bonding.   szi

Applicaton areas:

  • worn axles, bearing bushings (for example engine shields), sealing bushes, if the application of a very thin layer (0,01-0,4 mm) is required
  • reparation of smaller failures of casting-, press-, punching- and other tools
  • forming of very hard W-, Ti-, Cr-carbid, Ti-borid layers (65-75 HRC)
  • forming of thin, corrosion-resistant platings (AL, Cu, Zn, Sn, Ti, Ni)
  • applying onto cutting tools edges with hard metal
  • applying of edges of borings, cutting tools, and hard metal plates
  • forming of carbid (W, Ti, Cr, Mo, Zr, Nb, V) coatings
  • coating cutting tools and medical tools edges
  • Stellit, Hastelloy, Inconel, Co, Ni, Ti, Mo, Au, Ag, Pt bevonatok kialakítása
  • forming of Stellit, Hastelloy, Inconel, Co, Ni, Ti, Mo, Au, Ag, Pt coatings


  • a very thin, extremely hard layer can be applied
  • a slight heat is given onto the raw material, therefore the originally hard parts can be repaired without the danger of cracking and deformation
  • mobile, suitable for repairing of built-in tools also on site
  • needs minimal fore- and afterworking
  • the part can be built in after the reparation immediately, no need to wait for cool-off and heat-treatment
  • it can be applied fast, reduces the downtime, therefore cost-effective
  • due to the chemical- and corrosion-resistance and hardness of the coatings, the lifespan can be multipied (3-10x)
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