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Bore repairs

Bore repair also on site, from Ø 45 up to Ø 400 mm! With the help of a revolutionary new mobile device, we can perform the cutting, the layering-welding and also the line boring of the widest variety of weared, damaged boreholes, borehole pairs, bearing bushings, bushings and bolt-holes also on site. The worn, oval, damaged boreholes we pre-cut according to the original concentricity, paralellism or angular offset, and with the help of the new device, we weld it with a half-automatic method in a smooth layer thickness, and after that, we cut it to the final size. Instead of welding, the exchange of the bushing on site is also possible.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA08-bobcat_csapagy_javitas

The giant advantages of the new technology:

  • the broken machine, structure does not need to be dismantled, delivered and put on an expensive machining application
  • the reparation and line boring will be performed by one of our workers fast, on the site where the machine broke down
  • a significant amount of work, time and cost can be saved