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Electric wire (twin wire) arc spray coating

The continuously advancing, electrically charged two wires reach each other in a specially designed pistol, melt and this vaporised melt is shut to the designated surface by compressed air. With this procedure we can apply practically any kind of metal that is available in wire form, onto any kind of metal, concrete, plastic, or even to paper too.

We are using this successfully for reparation of bearing bushings, plain and sliding bearing bushings, seal bushings, hydraulic shafts and cylinders, and onto axles, cylinders and any kind of surfaces worn for any reason. With this procedure, normal carbon steel, acid resistant, bimetal and corrosion-protective layers can be applied. If required, a hard layer of 69 HRC is also sprayable.

Advantages against welding:

  • because of the low heat input, the material structure of the repaired part does not change, therefore there is no danger of cracking and breaking;
  • also because of the low heat imput, there is no deformation and even the long, slim axle will not bend;
  • continued because of the low heat input, the armatures next to the bearing bushings do not receive any damage, the serrations and corrugations don not soften up;
  • there is no need for subsequent tension-releasing heat-treatment, which is not a negligible advantage considering the costs;
  • it is an extemely cost effective procedure due to the fast executability;
  • the part is installable immediately, no need to wait to its cooling, heat-treatment and straightening;
  • the needed metal is appliable from the pretty small layer thickness (0,1 mm) to the bigger one (5 mm) too;
  • the reparation is repeatable unlimitedly. If the applied layer has weared off, the new layer can be applied again and the above mentioned points are applicable in the future, too.


lampa Az elektromosan fémszórt réteg 5-7% porozitással rendelkezik, ami különösen előnyös siklócsapágyak, főtengelyek esetében. A porózusokba beivódott zsír, olaj jobb kenést eredményez, ami növeli az élettartamot.